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Mission, Vision & Strategy
  • Develop and produce radio and optical transmission equipment
  • Be a leading integrator of telecommunications solutions in Slovenia and the Central European region
  • Globally sell Iskra Transmission's products based on contracts with foreign distributors and VARs
  • Maintain a leading edge of technological knowledge and engineering skills
  • Motivate staff to keep excellence in long-term business relations

Iskra Transmission plans to broaden the development of solutions in the area of radio and optical transmission systems. We will work to strengthen our presence in the European market and expand it to other countries.

Business and technical cooperation with leading global vendors of telecommunications equipment remains our main activity, along with our own production. It enables us to build complete telecommunications solutions in addition to our own transmission systems.

We will increase our investments in specialist system-engineering and technological knowledge in order to help our experts successfully handle the most difficult challenges in development and system integration.

In the future, we will keep an attitude of excellence as a prime quality in dealing with our business partners, ensuring us long-term relationships.

Although we are aware of the importance of the domestic market, we believe that in the times of globalisation and European integration the growth of the company depends on success in foreign markets. We believe that success is dependant on knowledge. We will continue to educate our sales and engineering personnel so that they will be able to face the most difficult business and technical challenges.

We are investing into development of our product families, which are continually being improved and adapted to current market needs. We are developing new products that can compete with products from competitive vendors.

With new mergers and financial ties, we are spreading our distributor and VAR network in foreign countries. Our success is based on professional technical support and training for our partners. We are enforcing a strategy of providing 75% of sales from foreign markets. We count on a synergy effect when providing integrated industrial solutions with other Iskra companies in foreign markets; a strategy embraced by Iskra Holding.

We know that in a tough competitive environment the products from different vendors are becoming very similar. It is not only the technology that wins but also the quality of technical support and the connection with the partner. We are investing a great amount of energy into all three of these.

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