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The rapid development of telecommunication services has caused increasing demand for efficient transmission equipment, especially for access and core networks. A large number of business and private users are not very satisfied with narrow band POTS or ISDN communications. The SparkLine family of devices is intended for these users. All the units of SparkLine family is direct compatible with the network element management system SparkView.

The SparkLine family of units consists of the SparkLine OTMX-8, the SparkLine OTMX-34 and HDSL units. Every unit, built in a wired subrack, can also be used as an independent device. All these units are intended for the transmission of low and medium capacity digital signals over optical or copper cables. The EOW unit is also a member of the SparkLine family. This unit allows the transmission of auxiliary channels and speech signals (omnibus with the possibility of selective calling). In addition to transmission, every unit also has a built-in power supply and microprocessor, which enables direct connection of this unit to the SparkView system for maintenance and operating.

The units can be combined with each other allowing different devices and systems to be built. They can be installed in a universal wired VSEP subrack, a 19" subrack or an ETSI subrack. When different kinds of units are combined in one subrack, they are supervised and managed by common alarm unit. A computer with SparkView software is then connected to this unit.

Units can also be independent devices installed into a desktop subrack. Of course, this is not the case for the EOW or alarm units, which are always combined with other units of the SparkLine family.

SparkLine units can also be parts of other devices- such as access devices or flexible multiplexers. In such cases, units are used as an interface for optical or copper cable transmission.

The SparkLine OTMX-8 or SparkLine OTMX-34 units can also be integrated with SparkWave system parts. This way, optical cables can be connected directly to radio devices. This solution decreases the cost of transition from one transmission media to the other.

The Main Features of the SparkLine Units:
  • Large density of functional circuits on a single card
  • Units can be integrated with different devices and systems
  • All the units can be directly connected to SparkView
  • Low power consumption and high reliability of operation

  • Connection of base stations for cellular mobile telephony
  • Access networks
  • Extension of tributary channels from SDH rings (SparkLight)

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