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SparkLight WDM
SparkLight WDM system integrates SDH, CWDM and DWDM technology in one platform. Each service can be established using the DWDM, CWDM or SDH/SONET components in any mix, which enables tailor-made networks supporting each individual business case.

SparkLight WDMThe SparkLight WDM solution is a powerful toolbox with unprecedented high inherent flexibility targeting any metro, regional and medium haul networks in the most cost-effective manner.

SparkLight WDM combines the benefits from all three technologies:
  • DWDM: A transparent, multi-service and high capacity transport
  • layer using an unique system architecture that does not require optical amplifiers
  • CWDM: A low-cost transport solution with less requirements on distance, management functionality etc. utilizing CWDM wavelengths.
  • SDH: MuxFeeder is a compact, cost-efficient SDH solution for collection of e.g. STM-1 signals in ADM chains utilizing CWDM and/or DWDM wavelengths.
Unique system of optical amplifiers elimination enables true integration of DWDM and CWDM on the same fiber. It drastically reduces the network cost and enables network scalability (pay-as-you-grow approach).

Purpose of the family
Building a Future-proof Optical Transmission Network that Supports Your Business From the Start.

As a network designer you often wish to create the ultimate transmission network covering anything from carrier-class connections with high availability to shorter, straight-forward links where low cost is more important than scalability and manageability.

The consequence is lower utilization of the fiber network and higher operational costs due to the mix of different equipment, vendors and inter-working restrictions in and between the different management solutions.

With the SparkLight WDM optical transport platform, you can now combine the benefits from different transport technologies as plug-in units into one single system, sharing the same card cage and same fiber pair. All the system can be managed by SparkView network element management system.

Iskra Transmission customers segments:
  • High-end storages and enterprise

  • New scalable transport solution
    Telecom operators
    Carrier-class transport solution
  • Mobile Carriers

  • New mobile backbone transport solution
One System Platform for all Networks and Services
Based on the Iskra Transmission unique system architecture where standard DWDM components are brought together in a new constellation where the optical losses are reduced to more than 50 %. As a result the need for optical line amplifiers has been removed.

The benefits of DWDM solutions can now be implemented with an entry cost that is up to 60 % lower than conventional DWDM systems, which require optical line amplifiers.

Some of the key parameters of the SparkLight WDM DWDM component are:
  • Any topology - point-to-point, bus and ring topologies in any mix
  • High capacity - up to 40 wavelength channels, each capable of up to 10 Gb/s
  • High utilization - utilize each wavelength with up to 16 aggregated traffic channels
  • Transparency - no statistical multiplexing that reduces throughput. Transparent transport of OH information in SDH/SONET traffic
  • Multi-service support - any traffic type ranging from 100 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s
  • Flexibility - Easy to tailor to the optimum configuration via a menu of plug-in units
CWDM is intended for networks that start out with lower capacity demands, shorter distances and where initial cost is extremely important. With the Iskra Transmission CWDM concept this can be done without sacrificing the option to later upgrade with DWDM wavelengths in order to achieve higher capacity and longer distances in the same network.
  • Any topology - point-to-point, bus and ring topologies in any mix
  • Medium capacity - up to 8 or 16 wavelength channels, each capable of up to 2.5 Gb/s capacity
  • High utilization - utilize each wavelength with up to 16 aggregated traffic channels
The SparkLight WDM MuxFeeder is a low-cost solution for collection of STM-1/OC-3 and STM-4/OC-12. The basic functional unit in the MuxFeeder application is the SDH/SONET MuxPonder. This single-board, plug-in unit is a complete STM-16/OC-48 add/drop Multiplexer (ADM) or Terminal Multiplexer with the functionality required to perform the aggregation and transportation required in e.g. 3G mobile networks and other access networks using the SDH/SONET frame for transport. The MuxPonder board removes the need and cost of having a separate SDH/SONET system to perform this task. The MuxPonder board is used side by side with other CWDM and DWDM units in the same system in order to provide a true multi-service transport platform.

The SparkLight WDM management architecture is designed for maximum user flexibility and scalability where both the metro management system (MMS) and the embedded node management (ENM) can be integrated with existing operations support systems or network management systems (OSS/NMS). For small optical networks the entry cost is held to a minimum as the networks may be fully managed by the ENM only.

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