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Accessories complete Iskra Transmission production line with the following devices:
  • Power supply systems
  • Distribution frames
  • Racks, subracks and cabinets

Power Supply Systems
Iskra Transmission offers a variety of power supply systems for low and medium power applications. The systems are designed in different versions. They can be built into different racks, subracks or cabinets. Iskra Transmission network element management system SparkView can supervise all power supply systems produced by Iskra Transmission.

The power supply systems include:
  • NS 150-1.2 Ah A1
  • NS 150-5.5 Ah A1
  • NS 300-12Ah A1
  • NS 300-12Ah A2
  • NS 600
  • NS 1650

Distribution Frames
Iskra Transmission produces different distribution frames:
  • SD-48 symmetrical digital distribution frame
  • Coaxial distribution frames
  • ODH 12 1HE optical distribution frames

Racks, subracks and cabinets
Iskra Transmission produces various kinds of different racks, subracks, small cabinets and shelters. The production of these mechanical systems is mainly intended for its own systems and devices. They can be produced in standard versions or by custom design to meet specific customer needs.
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