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Accessories / NS 1650 - Uninterruptible Power Supply System
Uninterruptible Power Supply System NS 1650 is intended for supplying of medium power telecommunication devices. Input voltage is 220 VAC with power factor > or = 0,98. The output voltage is -48 VDC. Loads and batteries are connected directly to the system output voltage. The output power of the system is dependent on the number of parallel rectifier modules and required system autonomy.

Up to three rectifier modules can be connected parallelly. Each module has output power of 550W. When two or three modules are used, one of them can be a stand-by module. Two protection configurations are available: 1+1 and 2+1. Each module can be connected to the same phase or to different phases of the three phases input voltage. Different configurations of applied modules and different capacity of applied batteries enable modular system design in order to meet customer's requirements.

Hermetically closed lead batteries ensure the required system autonomy. Power supply system with batteries and AC/DC distribution is installed into ETSI cabinet.

The system can be connected by RS232 interface to SparkView network element management system. Power supply can highly influence the telecommunication system reliability. In the case when the input voltage fails, autonomy assured by the battery still enables the system operation. Due to SparkView, reparation can be executed in due time during the period of system autonomy.

The Power Supply System can be divided into three parts:
  • Power supply rack: it includes rectifier modules and control unit
  • Distribution rack: it includes AC/DC distribution sockets, switches and thermal-magnetic circuit breakers
  • Batteries: they assure system autonomy. Available system power provides for connected devices and flat battery charging - even if the stand-by module fails.

Main Features:
  • Adjustment of output voltages of rectifier modules and current sharing
  • Charge current limitation
  • Battery charging by temperature compensation floating voltage
  • Supervision of output voltages and current
  • Alphanumerical display of output voltage, battery voltage, output current, battery current, battery temperature and alarms
  • Battery test possibility
  • Remote management with SparkView

The most frequently used configurations:
type: ns 1650 1+1/25 Ah ns 1650 1+1/50 Ah ns 1650 2+1/50 Ah ns 1650 2+1/92 Ah
number of rectifier modules: 2 2 3 3
output power at nominal output voltage (48 V): 192 W / 288 W 240 W / 288 W 432 W / 768 W 552 W
autonomy: 4.5 h / 2.8 h 8 h / 6.3 h 4 h / 2 h 6.1 h
maximum charge current: 4 A 4 A 4 A 8.5 A
battery capacity: 25 Ah 50 Ah 50 Ah 92 Ah
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