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Application Notes / Multi-Service Broadband Access System
Iskra Transmission offers a multi-service broadband access system for midsize and large companies, public authorities and residential customers. The system covers three transmission media: optical fiber, copper cable and microwave radio. The core of this solution is the SparkLight access ring. The most commonly used is BSHR with section protection by two or four fibers.

Different tributary plug-in units of SparkLight may also be used, enabling different devices to be connected to the access ring. Consequently, different services are available for business or residential customers. With SparkLine equipment or SparkWave radio, all tributaries of SparkLight are remotely accessible.

Numerous solutions of the access network can be established. Some examples:
  • Direct connection of flexible multiplexers FMX2R3 or AMXC to the tributary Nx2 Mbit/s of SparkLight. Different configurations of a flexible multiplexer enable different services: POTS, ISDN, ADSL, SHDSL and different DATA transmission interfaces (V24, V35, V36, X21, G703, Nx64 kbit/s). PBX and cross connect multiplexer CMX with V5C signaling protocol can be used in order to make traffic concentration. Analogue 2/4-wire interface is available for the leased lines.
  • Remote connection of flexible multiplexer and corresponding services by SparkLine equipment (optical fiber transmission for up to 34 Mbit/s and copper cable for 2 Mbit/s) to SparkLight access ring
  • Remote connection of flexible multiplexer and corresponding services by SparkWave radio to SparkLight access ring
  • Direct connection of video devices (cameras and monitors) to SparkLight by VU 2 unit. Up to three VU2 units and corresponding video devices can be connected to one SparkLight
  • A plug-in unit SME/155 can be built in the SparkLight. This is the eight-port level 1 switch (bridge) for interconnection of up to 8 Ethernet segments along the access ring or backbone network
  • An Ethernet ERM34 unit can form also a part of SparkWave radio. ERM34 is a 4-port level 2 switch. Up to 4 dedicated segments of Ethernet can be connected to the unit and extend to other location by radio.

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