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Case Studies / Digital Radio-Relay Link Sorica - Ziri with SparkWave 18AR Active Repeater
Within the past ten years Telecom Slovenia completely digitalized their telecommunication network. Telecom Slovenia - Business Unit Kranj finished digitalization in 1999 by connecting the subscribers to the new EWSD exchange, and by putting into operation a new digital link to Davca Exchange and by connecting LE Ziri and LE Sorica with a radio-relay link. Between this two stations there was no line of sight. The direct connection was prevented by Crni vrh nad Cerknim mountain. This mountain was in the straight line between the LE Ziri and LE Sorica. Because of the inconvenient angles the application of passive repeater was unfeasible. In order to establish this connection, the investor decided to apply radio-relay system SparkWave 18 and active repeater SparkWave 18AR produced by Iskra Transmission.

The link between LE Sorica and LE Ziri was set up by SparkWave 18 and SparkWave 18AR active repeater. Active repeater was installed in Crni vrh nad Cerknim mountain (altitude of 1250 m). The overall section length is 20 km. Active repeater presented the most convenient solution for this link. The path was shaded in the line between terminal stations, so the use of passive repeater was not possible. The active repeater is next to the upper station of the cable railway; nevertheless power supply autonomy was assured. Solar panel and batteries supply the repeater. The life period of solar cells is more than 20 years. Batteries assure 30 days of autonomy even in the case of damage of solar cells or continuous shading. Normal daylight without sun is enough to supply the device and for charging up the batteries.
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