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Case Studies / OSCE - Mission in Kosovo
The OSCE Mission in Kosovo was established on the 1st of July 1999 after the intervention of NATO forces. The OSCE Mission in Kosovo fully cooperates with the United Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK). The aim is to build democracy, ensure human rights, organize police forces and administer justice. Up to 350 international and 1150 local staff were engaged by OSCE and distributed throughout the largest cities in Kosovo.

Kosovo, destroyed after the war, had no telecommunications infrastructure. The possibility of communications was a preliminary condition for the successful OSCE Mission in Kosovo.

Maksim Gjergji, Chief of the Communications Unit, OSCE Secretariat wrote:

Our contacts with Iskra Elektrozveze d.d. have started in the year 1999, when it was awarded the first contract for establishment of a Microwave link between OSCE HQ in Prishtina and Police School in Vucitern. Implementation of the first link provided users with voice and data transmission capabilities and created the basis for enlargement of the network to other offices of OMIK.

Taking into consideration the extensive experience of ISKRA in the region, the competitive prices, the performances of the equipment installed, the particular features of ISKRA Active Repeater on the selected 18 GHZ band and high quality of services provided during the first installations, it was decided to continue the installation of the Microwave connections to all OMIK offices in two phases.

Both Projects were a turn key solution including confirmation of the line of site for the selected repeater and terminal stations, path calculations, furniture and erection of the antenna towers, installation and commissioning of the new terminal and repeater stations and rearrangements on the existing ones.

During the first phase, 6 radio hops of 4x2 Mbit/s in 1+1 configuration, were put in operation.

The second phase was successfully implemented during May and June of 2002. Some of the existing hops where upgraded, reconfigured or relocated on better sites; a total of 7 new hops were installed and 4 of them upgraded to 16X2 Mbit/s. In addition to the Microwave and Multiplex equipment, ISKRA specialists installed, in all the terminal stations, 2 MBPS and 64 KBPS modems for the Mission's Wide Area Data Network.

Wien, 10th January 2003
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