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Case Studies / Slovenian Railways Telecommunication Project
Slovenian Railways issued a tender for the modernization of their telecommunication network in 1996. Requirements written in tender documentation were:
  • High quality and reliability of the system
  • Low price
  • Easy and low cost maintenance
  • Possibility of connection of existing devices to the new system
An umbrella network for all (transmission and switching) element management was an expected solution.

The winner of this tender was Siemens, Ljubljana and the subcontractor for the turnkey project of the transmission network was Iskra Transmission.

The project was executed with SparkLine equipment, produced by Iskra Transmission (150 devices), ADM, CMX and FMX equipment of Siemens, low power supply systems produced by Iskra Transmission and high power supply systems by Sitel. All the devices of Iskra Transmission and Sitel's high power supplies were managed by Iskra Transmission's SparkView Network Element Management System. Overall, about 500 devices were installed and put into operation.

The system design was the result of a strong cooperation between experts from Iskra Transmission and Slovenian Railways.

In total, 24 large and 58 small railway stations were connected with the designed system. One or more SDH STM1 nodes equip large stations. Small stations are connected by SparkLine optical systems with a transmission capacity 4x2 Mbit/s. With the SDH system, they form path protection rings at the 2Mbit/s level, enabling high operational reliability. Flexible multiplexers ensure that all the functionalities of railway switching systems, located in large stations, are also available to small stations. A special challenge for Iskra Transmission was to ensure compatibility of the new system with older systems. Numerous of interface units were developed for this purpose.

This was the first time The SparkView Network Element Management System was successfully tested in such a wide area network. It was especially useful in the testing period of trial operation. It enabled the monitoring of relevant system parameters from any place (also from home by laptop computer via the internet) and reacting immediately when the problem appeared.

During the execution of this large project Iskra Transmission gained much experience for similar projects to come. For Slovenian Railways, a modern communication system was the first step to overall improvement of the quality of their services.
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