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FAQ / SparkLight ADM
What does it mean Ethernet and TCP/IP standards and protocol compatibility?
The equipment is compatible with Ethernet and TCP/IP standards for communication through IP stacks.

Does your ADM with EU8 card support MAPOS (Multiple Access Protocol over SONET/SDH)?
EU8 does NOT support MAPOS, but it supports three different HDLC-like framing procedures that are very similar to MAPOS. They are LAPS (Link Access Procedures for SDH), LAPF (Link Access Procedure Frame mode) and PPP(BCP). The PPP Bridging Control Protocol is almost identical to MAPOS with slight variations in overhead. (MAPOST is defined by specification RFC3186. The PPP is defined in RFC1661, RFC1662, RFC2878 and RFC2615). The EU8 also supports GFP (Generic Framing Procedure specified in the ITU-T G.7041/Y.1303 standards) which is not HDLC-base.

What type of overhead access does SparkLight ADM support?
Spark Light ADM has two RS232 and one V.11 interface. Each of them can be connected to E1, E2, F1, DCCR or DCCR overhead channel.

What type of protection mechanisms are supported by SparkLight ADM?
Types of protection, supported by SparkLight ADM:
  • One hop path protection (SNCP)
  • Ring protection USHR and BSHR with path or section protection (not supported by STM-1 systems)
What is the effective throughput of EU8?
Throughput at EU8 is defined by number of concatenated VC-12-s or VC-3-s. Unit supports Ethernet encapsulation/decapsulation protocols:
  • ITU-T G.7041 Generic Framing Procedure (GFP)
  • ITU-T X.86/X.85 Link Access Procedure SDH (LAPS)
  • ITU-T Q.922, Link Access Procedure Frame Mode (LAPF)
  • RFC1662/2878, PPP Bridging Control Protocol (BCP)
Performance is in accordance with upper standards.

Can SparkLight ADM transmit fractional signal like 521 kbit/s?
To transmit fractional signal an additional FMX can be offered.

Does your EU8 card support Generic Framing Procedure(GFP) and Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) which allow the optimization of bandwidth utilization?
EU8 does support GFP. LCAS will be available in October 2004. At this moment optimization of bandwidth utilization is posible with few seconds trafic interuption.

What is the functionality of your Ethernet ports? Do they work as a bridge, switch or as a router?
The ethernet ports work as a switch.

How often does VU2 refresh picture? How many cameras can be used with one VU2 card?
VU2 can have full refresh rate (25 frames per second = 50 fields per second). But, by dropping fields, the frame rate can be decreased if very low bit rate needs to be achieved.

VU2 has a single PAL input. Therefore, only one camera can be directly connected to VU2.

Why do you use Wavelet technology?
This solution outperforms any other solution in the field of frame-by-frame compression. It is the only available solution that gives visually lossles picture quality in streams lower than 30 Mbit/s without using temporal entropy of the video signal. When not exploiting similarity between frames, the delay of the transferred signal is very low (MPEG-2, for example, has at least 300 ms), and the scene may completely change between two successive frames without having compression artifacts, which is a characteristic for MPEG video compression.

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