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FAQ / SparkView
Is the system SparkView supported by CORBA?
The answer is no. The system SparkView is proprietary ITEMOS protocol, produced by Iskra Transmission. Nevertheless, equipment supervision and management through CORBA architectureof is also possible with other producers.

Does SparkView support HP Open View?
The answer is yes. The SparkView was seamlessly integrated in quite a few references using specific traps of SNMP.

How is the system management accomplished? Do we need extra equipment in order to build up a DCN between the network elements?
We don't need any extra equipment in order to perform network element management. The system has built in data communication network (DCN). External computer with SparkView software is directly connected to device, using RS232 interface.

Can the system be managed via IP?
Distributed operation of SparkView element management system on several computers (server and client) is predicted. Computes are connected by LAN, WAN, SSL or IP. Internet can be used to connect SparkView client to computer network.

What kind of management does LCT allow (loop back)?
LCT allows local device and opposite side device management. Among other functions it allows device configuration, alarm status observing and loop back test.

What is the SparkView capacity? How many elements can be managed?
Due to scalability of SparkView, there is no limit. However, if there are thousands of NE's, the distribution server installation should be performed.

How can SparkView be integrated into existing Network management system?
SparkView has a built-in SNMP proxy agent, designed to send SNMP notifications to other OSS's. The proxy also holds fault management data. This solution is considered suitable for integration of fault management.

Can SparkView manage third party products?
Generally speaking, no. But, using additional hardware, SparkView can manage different systems which provide discrete contacts to report their status or receive command. The latest version of external I/O receiving HW, designated AEMXT can also receive analog signals in form of voltage.

How can SparkView be integrated into HPOV and how does it support MIB1 and MIB2?
A built-in SNMP proxy can report the FM data to the HP-OV NNM. There is proprietary MIB under private enterprises OID which defines SNMP data. MIB-2 is supported only to comply with the SNMPV2c requirements.

Is SparkView available for Unix platform?
Yes, it works on most Unix/Linux platforms.

Can you implement a translator on Linux in order to transmit information to Unix umbrella management software?
Because of SparkView client-server architecture, TCP/IP session from (multiple) client(s), running on different platforms, to server could be established. TCP/IP connections from client(s) to server are platform independent and that kind of forwarding information to umbrella management software is possible.

How is the network organized in a SparkView system? Is it organized by IP addresses, by names or by any other mean?
From the aspect of umbrella management software, every node in the SparkView network has its own IP address through which it is managed. Underlying OSI communication levels of DCN network incorporates proprietary communication protocol, called Itemos and similar, every node has its own address in that physical network. SparkView thus attends, that umbrella management software does not need to care about physical connection in DCN network.

What are the advantages of SparkView management software?
Because of its design and connecting possibilities it is suitable for management of all kinds of networks: small networks (several dozens of NEs) and also big ones (several hundred of NEs and more).

It can be used for management of network elements (Network Element Manager) or for network monitoring (Network Manager).
  • Client/server principle
  • Full SNMP compatibility
  • Possibility of operation with several different PCs that should be connected through a TCP/IP network
  • Operation in heterogeneous environments (Linux, MS Windows ® NT ...)
  • Possibility of monitoring of SparkView 3.x procedures through SNMP
  • Possibility of remote monitoring and management through TCP/IP network
  • Possibility of adding and removing equipment during the operation
  • Simplified and user-friendly graphic interface for operation

Can you provide a simulator of SparkView management system?
For commercial and educational purposes, we made a simulator of the SpakView system, consisting of SparkView software pack (time limited), LENS (Spark Local Node Emulator) and virtual network. Both, SparkView and LENS should be installed on not so demanding up-to-date Windows based workstation with two asynchronous COM ports. During installation, virtual network of a few nodes is created, providing fully configurable/status reading functionality, and limited faults emulation.

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