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Iskra Transmission at Teleinfos Symposium
18 Apr 2003

The slogan of the Teleinfos Symposium in Ljubljana, April 9-12, was »The Right Connection«. The slogan was targeted to various aspects of telecommunications industry. One of them was surely broadband access to Internet but there was also a hint suggesting that the local telecommunications industry should get integrated more closely.

Iskra Transmission appeared with three speakers and two booth topics. The speeches given in the Technological Conference were:

»Experiences Building I-net IPsec VPN network«
»IP Telephony«

In section »Information Society and Trends in Telecommunications« Iskra Transmission appeared with the title

»Video Solution on SDH Transmission System«

The speeches were practically demonstrated on Iskra Transmission booths. A video tributary unit in a SDH chassis was the source of video image transmitted at adjustable frame-rates over SDH transmission network. With IP telephony equipment integration the visitors were able to interchangably use softphones, IP phones, mobile phones or regular PSTN phones via a mix of fixed, mobile, LAN or IP telephony services.

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