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Iskra Transmission at CeBit 2003 Trade Show
07 Apr 2003

For the very first time, and in line with the company vision and strategy to penetrate new markets, Iskra Transmission exhibited its equipment SparkWave for radio transmission systems at the German trade show CeBit 2003, which took place in Hannover from March 11-19.

A complete SparkWave microwave radio system is combined of a system unit, a microwave part and an antenna. The latter attracted lots of trade show visitors from Europe, Africa and Asia to the company KTC Systems exhibition space, where Iskra Transmission made its guest appearance and exhibited its equipment. “During the trade show we have made over 30 profound discussions with potential customers and clients,” said Tomaz Senica, who is responsible for setting up a distribution network in the German speaking part of Europe.

CeBit is the largest global trade show of information technology, telecommunications and software as well as services, which enticed over 7,000 exhibitors and 560,000 visitors to Hannover this year. In the field of telecommunications the emphasis was on multimedia telephoning and the UMTS anticipation, which will enable users to transmit and handle photos on top of voice and short text message transmission.

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