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Iskra Transmission on the Russian gas pipelines
09 Jan 2004

During December holiday season, Iskra Transmission turned over to Gazprom, the world's largest gas supplier, SparkWave DRL 7/8GA telecommunications equipment for setting up another 11 microwave connections in the Russian gas pipes.

In the year 2003, Iskra Transmission handed over to Gazprom SparkWave DRL 7/8GA microwave radio equipment for setting up 20 microwave connections. In the upcoming two years when the lines should be concluded, they expect new orders for 30-40 connections, said Mr Mladjan Vucinic, the Iskra Transmission Key Account Manager.

The communication network is used for gas pipes process control. The lines are drawn parallel to gas pipes, however, in order to preserve the lines in an eventual gas explosion the communication lines are from 300 to 500 meters far from the gas pipes. The connections are built from PDH SparkWave DRL microwave radio devices, which operate on 7 and 8 GHz frequencies, and SparkView management system for telecommunication equipment. Iskra Transmission has produced a special construction of its microwave devices for internal fitting which is more reliable in extreme environmental conditions to comply with Gazprom needs. The antennas are fitted on 80 to 120 meters high steel towers. In Russia, Iskra Transmission equipment is exposed to the worst climatic circumstances - half of the year the equipment is covered with ice, the temperatures plummet to minus 45 degrees Celsius, even the roads are impassable, therefore the equipment is maintained by helicopters, stressed Mladjan Vucinic.

Iskra Transmission plies business for Gazprom as subcontractor to Comita from Kranj. The companies are in the process of closing the legal-commercial activities for the supply of microwave and optical equipment for four new lines of 30 connections in Siberia, which will be realised in 2004.

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