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Optical Communications 2004
30 Jan 2004

Faculty of Electrical Engineering organised the 11th professional seminar Optical Communications from 28-30 January 2004.

During the three-day seminar programme, numerous interesting lectures took place from recognised local and foreign professionals who presented the up-to-date discoveries in the field of optical telecommunications including academic stance as well as the novelties from the telecommunications providers' selling programmes. Iskra Transmission's expert Andrej Kregar held a presentation named New Approach to xWDM transmission technology, in which he discussed DWDM technology - the technology without competition regarding capacity, expanding possibilities and the number of available solutions - in connection with the latest SparkLight WDM product family.

More than 100 people attended the seminar, some of them being regular participants from the beginning, especially high technical cadre from the triad of telecommunications academia, providers and users.

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