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Iskra Transmission at Vitel 2004
13 May 2004

Iskra Transmission will hold two presentations at the Vitel 2004 International Symposium on Telecommunications, which will take place at the Habakuk Hotel in Maribor, Slovenia on May 17 and 18, 2004.

The two presentations will be programmed on Monday, May 17, 2004, in the afternoon "User Adapted Infrastructure" session:

  • Andreas Kalagasidis, MSc: WiMAX/802.16 New Technology for the Metro Wireless Local Loop

The absence of a global standard for WLL applications presents a big challenge for service providers, providing residential and business users a suitable telecommunication infrastructure. The 802.11x or WiFi wireless LAN technology, successfully deployed in the LAN, has been extended for the use in the Metro WLL, where a host of proprietary WLL solutions already existed. In time it became evident, that the Wireless LAN technology does not have the necessary functionality for this type of applications. It is well suited for indoor application of the Wireless LAN networks, but it can not solve the problems of the outdoor applications, required in the Metro area networks in terms of scalability, capacity and the available feature set. On the other hand, the problem with proprietary WLL solutions is the lack of interoperability, key requirement in today's demanding consumer markets. Wireless networks in the Metro area need to support services, comparable to those offered by the wireline local loop technology.

The 802.16 family of standards has been designed to deliver carrier class services to the Metropolitan area. In this paper, we present an outline of this technology, designed from ground up to provide a suite of services over a scalable, long range, high capacity "last mile" wireless communications for carriers and service providers around the world.

  • Tom Erjavec, MSc, together with Davor Hvala from Vzajemna Health Insurance: Design and Deployment of national Broadband VPN Network of Vzajemna Health Insurance

Vzajemna Health Insurance have undertaken major changes in their ICT infrastructure. To support the new data flows, Vzajemna planned the transition to a new nation-wide private network. The richer document contents required a broadband access for all workstations of the company. Various scenarios have been studied and the concept of virtual private networking (VPN) has been selected as the right network solution. This paper discusses the design of the fully redundant VPN network that Vzajemna chose to build and the resulting deployment issues. The case is overviewed from various aspects: physical topology and carrier media, logical topology and redundancy, data security and remote network management. The discussion on network deployment shows the network experience from the broadband user's perspective, the bandwidth consumption, the nature of data transactions, the quantity and the dynamics of the data flows, and system response in regional branch offices and agent locations.

The Symposium Vitel this year is themed "Next Generation User". All the presentations will be conducted in English.

Further information on Vitel 2004:

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