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Iskra Transmission has become fully authorized member of WiMAX Forum
18 May 2004

Iskra Transmission, d. d., Ljubljana, the largest Slovene producer of telecommunication systems for transmission of voice and data (microwave and fibre-optical connections), has become fully authorized member of WiMAX Forum (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access). WiMAX Forum is an international non-profit association comprised of over 80 producers and 20 operators of telecommunication networks. WiMAX Forum is working to ensure the compatibility and interoperability based on the IEEE 802.16a and ETSI HiperMAN standards, and to promote the adoption of new broadband wireless access and multi-point backhaul connection technology for metropolitan networks as an alternative to wire technologies, namely DOCSIS and ADSL.

WiMAX networks will complete WiFi networks, which are primarily used indoors and in nearby areas whilst WiMAX will be covering metropolitan areas. It will provide over 10 kilometres of service area range in the frequency band of 3.5 GHz, and it will allow the users to get broadband connectivity without needing direct line of sight with the base station. In the first phase, WiMAX will enable broadband connectivity up to 70 Mbit/s per sector, where one base station will be able to cover 8 and more sectors. WiMAX will be operating on licensed frequency bands, therefore, operators will be able to provide quality of service, which they are unable to provide with WiFi on a free frequency band of 2.4/5.7 GHz. The process of WiMAX standardization in compliance with IEEE 802.16 rev. d has been concluded and accepted, and the first pieces of WiMAX Forum Certified equipment is expected in the second half of 2005. Other ongoing WiMAX Forum activities are working to ensure user portability, also, Intel announced the deployment of PCMCIA cards with WiMAX technology and implementation of the technology into mobile terminals in future.

"I understand our membership in the WiMAX Forum as a business opportunity, enabling us to provide WiMAX network solutions shortly to operators, especially base stations, taking advantage of existent knowledge and business relations on global telecommunications market. In addition, we anticipate that WiMAX technology will deprive existing PDH and SDH microwave systems markets, which are also parts of our production programme. Therefore, it is even more important that we adopt the technology and provide it on the market," said Marko Bostjancic, the CEO of Iskra Transmission.

"New generation of digital microwave connections point-to-point with transmission capacity up to 300 Mbit/s is being developed intensively in the company. Its programmability will allow users to select modulation (up to 256 QAM) and frequency band width, Ethernet, TDM and SDH interfaces will be modular, and they will be managed over web browser/Java and SNMP protocol. Due to modular design of new generation devices I expect we will be able to make use of over a half of existing solutions in the development of WiMAX base stations (point-multiple points)," said Bojan Likar, the R & D Director of Iskra Transmission.

New wireless technology for broadband Internet access is predicted to have a bright future due to anticipated lower prices of terminal equipment and low-cost network construction. WiMAX will be put forward mostly in countries with less developed infrastructure and in rural areas. It is also predicted that WiMAX technology will be put into effect for broadband mobile Internet access (complimentary to 3G networks), making it an interesting option for mobile telephony operators.

WiMAX Forum is international organization bringing compliance to IEEE 802.16a and ETSI HiperMAN standards, and interoperability to the wireless broadband industry. The organization is formed to promote the adoption of such technology by the market. WiMAX Forum Certified equipment will ensure interoperability and provide broadband wireless connectivity to fixed, portable and nomadic users in metropolitan areas (

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