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Iskra Transmission products get new names
02 Sep 2002

Following the merger of Iskra Transmission, d. o. o., and MIBO Komunikacije, d. o. o., into Iskra Transmission, d. d., Ljubljana, the promotional materials, which represent company activity and identity, were subject to redesign. Within the process own products were captured and given new, marketing names. Designing new brand names, we attempted to meet the following criteria: ease of remembering, information value, adequacy for use in foreign markets and brand name connection to company name. New brand names are constructed of English translation of Iskra, Spark, and the overall meaning of separate product families.

Radio transmission systems family has been named SparkWave. Separate products within the family are SparkWave 7 (former DRL 7GA), SparkWave 8 (former DRL 8GA), SparkWave 15 (DRL 15GA), SparkWave 18 (DRL 18GA) and SparkWave 23 (former DRL 23GA).

Optical transmission systems family embraces two systems: SparkLight ADM (Add-Drop Multiplexer - system SDH) and SparkLight TM (Terminal Multiplexer - system PDH).

Well established management system ITEMOS wears a new name SparkView. We distinguish also SparkAccess for access systems and SparkNet for the LAN/WAN family.

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